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We create packaging for a renewable future. With minimal material transformation, a small ecological footprint and renewable resources.

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Efficient use of wood

Minimal material transformation - process wood as close as possible to its natural cycle.

Renewable resources

Wood is a CO2-neutral resource with great potential for a renewable future.

2/3 reduction of the footprint

By using wood veneer instead of paper, we save energy during production.

News 2024: Enjoy your beer from arboloom cups at BSC Young Boys

In future, YB fans will be able to enjoy their drinks in the Wankdorf stadium in Bern from sustainable arboloom cups, which are processed into chipboard after use. YB is setting new standards in the world of sport by replacing the previous plastic cups with the world first wooden cups from arboloom. Around 11 tons of plastic waste can now be avoided at the Wankdorf stadium every year.

A pilot test in summer 2023 showed that the quality of the newly developed cup did not yet meet the expectations of YB fans. After a thorough analysis, our engineers discovered that the off-flavor was due to errors during production. In an optimization process lasting several months and close cooperation with Feldschlösschen beer sommeliers, it was possible to rectify the defects. The new arboloom cups are now designed in such a way that the beer stays cold for longer, develops more foam and intense beer taste.

Read the full statement here.

New Collaboration in 2023

In 2023, Arboloom is partnering up with Feldschlösschen to replace one-way plastic and move one step closer to a fully renewable future with our compostable wood veneer cup.

Feldschlösschen supplies about 7000 events with their beverages every year, many of which are not suitable for reusable cup systems. This is where our bio-based and compostable cup can make the difference and reduce the ecological impact for the next step on the path towards a plastic-free world.

Read the full press release here.

The Problem

Energy-intensive raw material use

Wood was one of the most important resources for humans for thousands of years. Only in the course of industrialisation, the renewable raw material was replaced by resource- and energy-intensive materials such as concrete, steel, oil or plastic. While wood was losing importance as a material, the use of fossil resources caused the CO2 content in the atmosphere to rise steeply. Innovations now require a return to renewable raw materials and sustainable production.

High CO2 emissions in paper production

The traditional manufacturing process of paper requires a lot of wood, energy and water. In addition, chemicals such as bleaching agents and binders are used, which further pollute the environment. As a result, two thirds of the emissions of a paper cup are produced in the paper manufacturing process. Every year, around 500 billion paper cups are produced.

The Solution

From tree to cup...

Our innovative process allows us to skip the energy- and water-intensive paper production and use wood more efficiently. The production of 1 kg of paper requires more than 2 kg of wood. By using wood veneer, we reduce the use of wood and thus preserve the forests.

...on to the next life.

Thanks to the use of wood and biodegradable coatings, the cup is processed into chipboard for furniture after use by the company Swiss Krono from Menznau (LU).

Did you know about 80% of the environmental impact of a paper cup comes from paper pulp production?

Looking back to the most important chapters of our journey:

Yay, we made it to the TOP 3 Startups!

Arboloom placed 3rd in the latest edition of Nespresso's & Blab StartCup Challenge. Check the video of our CEO here. Let's go green!

Partners like it,
customers support it

In 2022, we were able to further develop our product by gathering more customer feedback together with our partner BSC Young Boys.

Prix Suisse 2021

In 2021, we were selected one out of two projects supported by Initiative Schweiz, a foundation committed to the funding and promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship in Switzerland.

Successful proof of concept

The exchange with experts from the gastronomy sector has shown that the need for sustainable packaging solutions is big. End customers are looking for ecological offers and challenge companies to find new solutions. ​ In partnership with Caffè Spettacolo, we successfully launched a pilot with the wooden cup in autumn 2021 and gathered valuable feedback around the drinking experience.

What is Arboloom?

Learn more about the story and the team behind Arboloom.


As an interdisciplinary team of engineers, designers and strategists, we know about each other's experience and expertise. These different perspectives drive us to question new things and push boundaries. Biel/Bienne, as a bilingual city and gateway to French and German speaking Switzerland, creates a diverse as well as polarizing environment where new ideas emerge.

Arboloom is a spin-off from the innovation factory Creaholic.

Carole Chapelat

Product Development
IP Expert
Initiator of the Project

Bertrand Jaccoud

Product Development
Lamination Specialist
Initiator of the Project

Laurent Torriani

Product Development
Wood Engineer
Inventor and Initiator of the Project

Katja Bürki

Business & Human Centered Design Expert

Natalia Röthlisberger

Chief Executive Officer

Tiziano Sabbioni

Board Member

Mars Aeschlimann

Board Member

Peter Röthlisberger

Board Member

Thomas Stocker

Board Member

Sascha Zahnd

Board Member

Shape the future with us

The Arboloom cup is the beginning of a great vision. The wooden cup lays the foundation for further packaging products made of wood. We continuously build on the knowledge and strive for new ambitions.​

We are looking for an ecosystem of partners with whom we can carry the vision further. Do you want to be part of it?

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